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A number of projects are either underway or under review that will bring new businesses to Yuba County.

Yuba County Enterprise Solutions - Quarterly Development Update

7-Eleven and gas station (501 Fifth St.): Construction of the new structure is underway and will take six to nine months to complete.

Costco is expected to open in the Spring or Summer 2023 along North Beale Road and Lindhurst Avenue

The Marysville Hotel on B Street, a property owned by the City of Marysville for nearly 20 years has awarded a developer to develop the 5.1 acre lot. The initial use of the property is a 100 room hotel, a restaurant and a grocery store and the possibility of an event center.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Drive-thru is currently under construction located at 1021 B Street

Recent Projects and Developments:


- Clover Café 13623 Rices Crossing Road

- Dollar General 8750 Hammonton Smartsville Road 

- Olivehurst Food Center 4900 Powerline Road


- USRW Certified Urban Wood Store 1334 Melody Road





Updated September 2022

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